Are you a School Supplies Vendor / Reseller / Part-timer who is interested in selling on (or) partnering with us for sales closure?

SkoolFrills is a budding online mart for educational institutions for wholesale / bulk supplies of various products like School Uniforms, School Bags, School Shoes, Lunch Boxes, Bottles, accessories and various digital products. We deal with Schools & Colleges for get anything and everything under one roof, as our products and services come equipped with extensive price range.

To support our existing school base as well as new schools, we are inviting existing school suppliers, people looking for part time work, and people looking to start a new business without spending a lot of money to become SkoolFrills partner.

It would be great to partner with you and expand business and service a lot more customers. We will try to understand your core expertise and progress accordingly for on boarding your products / services. 

Please fill out the form below and our sales team will reach out to you soon... :)